How Do You Read Trane Furnace Error Codes?

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A person can read Trane furnace codes by looking at sites such as A Trane furnace shows the owner that there is an issue within the furnace by using a red blinking light. The number and type of blinks indicate the problem.

If the red light on a Trane furnace is blinking slowly, there is no problem with the furnace, but if it flashes quickly, it means there is no heat. If the light stays on, the furnace needs a new integrated furnace controller. If the light flashes two times, the furnace is indicating a system lockout.

Three flashes from a Trane furnace indicates a draft pressure error, which means there could be a venting issue, inducer problems or pressure switch problem. If there are four flashes, the furnace is indicating an open temperature limit circuit, and if there are five flashes, the system is sensing a flame, but no flame should be found.

If there are six flashes from a Trane furnace, it indicates the 115 volt AC power is reversed, there is poor grounding or the system voltage too low. Seven flashes from the system show that there is a gas valve circuit error, and eight flashes means the low flame sense signal has gone off. When there are nine flashes, the system is indicating some type of grounding problem.