How Do You Read Someone's Mind?

read-someone-s-mind Credit: Andrew Rich/E+/Getty Images

People are born with the innate ability to understand non-verbal cues and to respond to them, thus "reading the mind" of someone else. Psychology Today explains that by 2 years of age, children can tell others' desires from the direction of their gaze; at 3 years of age, they can label facial expressions as happy, sad or angry.

  1. Know your own state of mind

    Psychologists believe that being aware of your own emotional and mental state can help you discern what others are thinking. This skill can be honed through meditation and introspection. When you're aware of your own mental map, you are more likely to understand the non-verbal clues your conversation partner is giving you. This lends a sense of empathetic accuracy.

  2. Read non-verbal cues

    One of the ways you can read a person's mind is by observing clues such as facial expressions, tone of voice and body language. For instance, is the person saying, "It's nice to see you again," but staying a good distance away with his arms folded? Is his facial expression incongruous with his words? While you do not want to jump to conclusions, observing these behaviors provides clearer insight into others' minds.

  3. Try telepathic mind reading

    If you're keen on psychic mind reading, it often comes down to familiarizing yourself with math and science facts that the lay person is not aware of so that it appears you are reading their minds. Many television shows and magicians' websites reveal the secrets behind telepathic skills.