How Do You Read Palms?


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When palm reading, select a hand to work with; your dominant hand provides insight into work life and the impression you give to the world about you. Your other hand gives insight into relationships, dreams and emotional struggles. To distinguish between the lines on your hand, slightly close your palm under a lamp. Generally, a line that is less prominent reflects life improvements that must be made, while a deep line represents a strong or fully developed characteristic.

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Find a diagram showing what each line is called. There are three separate lines to focus on, which are the head line, the heart line, and the life line.

Short head lines mean that you are a fast thinker and efficient problem solver, while long, straight lines represent analytical thinkers who spend a lot of time going over a situation before coming to a decision. If the head line splits in two, it signifies that you are sensitive, open-minded and understanding of others.

Long, curved lines mean that you are a creative thinker who can find different solutions to a problem. Regarding the heart line, long, straight lines mean you think rationally and analytically, but still consider how others feel. To have short, straight lines symbolizes independence; to have this trait means that you take your freedom seriously. Long, curved lines signify that you let your passions determine your decisions, and you aren't ashamed of it. Short, curved lines constitute a sense of reservation and a preference for small groups.

For life lines, a long line means you are who people go to during times of need. Short lines represent your need to stay busy to feel secure when under pressure, and a faint line signifies a need for relaxation.

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