How Do You Read Your Own Palm?


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To read your own palm, examine the lines on the dominant hand, and determine whether the lines are strong or weak. Apply the commonly accepted meanings for each line based on its appearance, including its depth and length.

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  1. Examine the lines on the hand

    Locate the head, heart and life lines on the desired hand. Examine the length and depth of each line on the dominant hand to examine work and actions, or refer to the passive hand to examine inherited traits, emotions and relationships.

  2. Note the size and shape of the hand and fingers

    The shape of the hand and fingers are often considered to have meaning among palm readers. Determine the shape of the hand and its size relative to the rest of the body.

  3. Apply the commonly accepted meanings

    It is necessary to understand the basics of palmistry, such as the meanings of each line on the hand, in order to read your own palm. A long, straight head line, for instance, indicates an inability to make fast decisions, while a short head line indicates impulsive decision-making. Continue to examine each line, and consider whether there are additional lines, such as small lines that cross the head, heart or life lines, that can affect the palm reading.

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