How Do You Read Men's Body Language?

To read men's body language, examine the meaning of common gestures and positions, such as pointing the toes a certain direction, taking up space with the arms and legs, and using the hands while speaking. While men and women communicate differently, much of the body language they use is the same.

Where the toes point indicate a man's level of self-confidence and interest. If the toes point toward each other, it indicates that a man isn't completely confident. Toes pointing straight typically indicate calmness. The toes also often point toward the object of a man's interest, such as a person he's attracted to or any leadership figures in the room.

Using the arms and legs to take up space is a display of dominance and power. Other ways men attempt to assert dominance include standing tall or leaning back while sitting down.

Use of the hands sends different signals depending on the position of the hands. Holding out the palms is a submissive gesture, as it demonstrates that the man isn't armed. Closing the fist and pointing the finger is a dominant gesture that often prompts negative feelings or responses from the recipient.

Both men and women indicate interest in a person by making eye contact. Another sign of interest is a change in voice pitch, with men's voices going down and women's voices going up.