How Do You Read a Chakra Color Chart?


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A chakra color chart is divided into seven colors. Each color corresponds to a specific part of the body and the functions and emotions associated with that part.

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The chakra color chart is organized along the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple (or white). The colors in the chakra are not fixed and rigid. They are fluid, sometimes very faint, and sometimes very bright and intense, depending on the emotional state of the individual. The first color in the chakra is red, and it is associated with the area around the groin. Red signifies energy and a sense of safety and survival.

The next is orange, and it is associated with the area just below the navel. It is linked to emotions, challenge and creativity. The color yellow is associated with the solar plexus, which is considered to be the center of the body. It is believed to guide the intellect of the individual. Green is the color linked to the heart. Its energy signifies peace, healing and a sense of balance.

The chakra color for the area around the throat is blue, standing for truth, self expression and creativity. The color associated with the eyes is indigo, and this color is believed to connect the physical and spiritual worlds. It is also associated with the transformation of knowledge into wisdom. The final color in the chakra color chart is sometimes depicted as purple and sometimes as white. Associated with the region at the crown of the head, the color is symbolic of a spiritual connection or consciousness.

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