How Do You Read Auras?

How Do You Read Auras?

Auras are read by concentrating softly focused vision on an object in order to detect colors that may be emanating from it. The beginner can practice reading auras using his own hand or reflection in a mirror. Pets, household plants and stones are also good options. As the reader grows more confident, he can recruit a friend to try aura reading on a person.

Reading the aura of one's own hand is a good place for the novice to begin. Choose a room with soft, comfortable lighting and place one hand on a sheet of blank white paper. Gaze at the tips of the fingers and the space around the hand with the eyes in soft focus. Concentrate on staying relaxed, and do not try to force colors to manifest. With patience, a soft haze appears around the hand. Eventually the individual colors of the aura are perceptible.

The same technique can be used on both plants and animals. Sit in front of a potted plant, and let the eyes go into soft focus as before. Although plants may not display the vibrant colors characteristic of a human or animal aura, they have a white inner aura which indicates the plant's overall state of health.

Pets are a good stepping stone to reading people after the aura reader is comfortable with these methods. Pick a focal point around the animal's head. Move the gaze slowly around the animal's body, and try discerning various colors.

Do not be discouraged if colors are not visible after one or two attempts. It takes practice to see auras consistently.