What Is the Ratio of Men to Women in the World Population?

ratio-men-women-world-population Credit: Brent Winebrenner/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

The world ratio of men to women is estimated to be 1.017:1. As of today, the world's male population was 3,776,294,273, while the female population was 3,710,295,643.

The ratio varies between age groups. At birth, for instance, boys outnumber girls by 1.07:1, but at 65 years and up the male population falls to 0.9 to every 1 female.

Some countries have much starker contrasts between male and female populations, often due to social issues. In India, for example, as in many other countries, male children are preferred and female births often aborted. As a result, it is predicted that men will greatly outnumber women in India by 2031.