What Do Rastafarians Wear?

The most distinctive things that Rastafarians wear are dreadlocks and a type of large knitted cap called a tam. Some Rastafari wear traditional African clothing, and the colors yellow, green and gold are common motifs.

Most Rastafari wear the typical modern clothing of their countries. Since it is a worldwide religion, this means that daily dress can be varied. Traditionally, Rasta women must dress modestly as well as avoiding makeup and flashy jewelry. They also cover their hair when praying or worshipping.

Rastafari believe that hair should be worn naturally. They point to Biblical verses prohibiting the cutting of hair, and believe that combing and styling hair are signs of vanity. This usually means that they wear their hair in dreadlocks. The tam, which is a large knitted or crocheted woolen cap, is used to help contain the dreadlocks. Tams can be any color, but are often done in broad stripes of yellow, green and gold.

These colors are an important part of Rastafarian attire and are seen on everything from hats to shirts. They are the colors of the Ethiopian flag. Ethiopia is hailed as the spiritual homeland of the Rastafarian movement. The Lion of Judah, which is also featured on the Ethiopian flag, is another common motif on printed clothing and jewelry.