How Do You Raise Your Blood Pressure?

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To raise your blood pressure, consume more salt and water, take low blood pressure medications and eat a proper diet, according to Mayo Clinic. Your health condition, age and type of low blood pressure determine the suitable method you adopt to remedy your condition.

Salt contains sodium which elevates blood pressure, explains Mayo Clinic. However, a large amount of salt in the body can cause the heart to fail. A patient of low blood pressure should seek a doctor’s advice before using salt to raise his blood pressure.

Water raises a person’s blood pressure by hydrating the body and raising the amount of blood in the body, says Mayo Clinic. While fluid intake is important, take care to avoid ingesting dehydrating fluids such as alcohol. Additionally, medications such as fludrocortisone and midodrine treat orthostatic hypotension, which is a low blood pressure condition that results from standing. While fludrocortisone increases blood pressure by increasing the blood volume, midodrine constricts blood vessels, leading to increased blood pressure.

A healthy diet provides the body with sufficient nutrients that are necessary for a healthy body, free of low blood pressure, states Mayo Clinic. Eat foods such as fruits, whole grains, fish and vegetables, which constitute a healthy diet.