What Are Some Quotes by Robert Hooke?


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Robert Hooke is known for developing Hooke's Law, which says, "The power of any springy body is the same proportion with the extension." Hooke's Law can also be written as Fs = -kx.

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Robert Hooke lived from 1635-1708. He worked in the fields of microscopy and astronomy, and he was also an inventor and architect. He is often called England's Leonardo da Vinci because he constantly sought for answers to scientific questions and invented mechanical instruments, including the universal joint, used in automobiles, and balanced springs, used in watches.

Robert Hooke in his lecture, "An Attempt to Prove the Motion of the Earth by Observations," stated, "Some few others upon better reasoned grounds, from the proportion and harmony of the world, cannot but embrace the Copernican Argument, as demonstrations that the Earth moves, and that the Sun and Stars stand still."

Later in the same article, Hooke said, "All Coelestial (celestial) Bodies whatsoever, have an attraction or gravitating power towards their own Centers, whereby they attract not only their own parts, and keep them from flying from them, as we may observe the Earth to do, but that they do also attract all other Coelestial Bodies that are within the sphere of their activity."

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