What Is a Quiz to Find Your Spirit Animal?


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A quiz that is designed to help individuals find their spirit animal consists of a list of questions that must be answered spontaneously to identify how the quiz taker's personality compares to certain animals. Questions on a spirit animal quiz revolve around how people find peace, how they approach others and how they view their own personalities.

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A quiz that determines an individual's spirit animal relies on the responses to accurately match an animal with a similar personality. The quiz results reveal the animal match once the responses are submitted in an online quiz. For example, a panther symbolizes power, valor and courage. An individual who possesses these traits may be matched with a panther. The panther is believed to operate as a fierce guardian, encouraging its spirit human to eliminate fear of the unknown.

Spirit animals are also designed to complement the personality of people while fulfilling what individuals lack and desire within their own lives. A spirit animal is thought to be a spiritual partner who guides the individual when making decisions, serving others and overcoming challenges. A spiritual connection between the human and animal serves as a reminder that animals and humans are not so different and can help each other live life to its fullest.

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