What Questions Are Typically on a Style Personality Quiz?


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Style-personality-quiz questions include agree-or-disagree questions, such as: "Agree or disagree: You find it difficult to introduce yourself to other people; "Agree or disagree: You find it easy to stay relaxed and focused even when there is some pressure," and "Agree or disagree: You often get so lost in thoughts that you ignore or forget your surroundings." Other style personality quizzes include "Yes or no" type of questions, such as: "Yes or no: You enjoy having a wide circle of acquaintances."

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There are several main types of style-personality-quiz questions, but the main questions are typically statement-based, forced-choice, covert-style and open-ended questions.

The most popular type of style-personality-quiz questions is statement-based. In a statement-based question, the person taking the quiz receives a list of statements; and, the individual states the amount to which he or she agrees with the given statement. Typically, the agreement or disagreement ranges from one to five, where one is strongly agree, and five is strongly disagree. These types of questions and quizzes are easy to grade and administer.

Open-ended and forced-choice style-personality-quiz questions are not as popular, as they are harder to grade and administer; and, they often require lengthy, written responses and take longer to complete.

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