What Are the Questions Asked for Ordination of a Baptist Preacher?

Questions for becoming an ordained Baptist preacher typically focus on the person’s call to serve, spiritual history, beliefs about the Trinity, and knowledge of the Bible and its scriptures. However, exact questions asked for ordination of a Baptist preacher can vary, as each church may have its own set of requirements.

Specific questions that a person may be asked in order to become an ordained Baptist preacher include what led him to religion and what led to his salvation. Churches may also ask about the prospective pastor’s spiritual experiences, his preferred method of tithing, and what he feels is a call to ministry. Questions regarding the applicant’s knowledge of the Bible may include the different books of the Old Testament and New Testament and major figures in the Bible. He may also be asked to name the book and the chapter in which a specific event occurred.

When going through the application process for ordination at a specific church, prospective Baptist preachers may also be asked about their background, specifically if they have ever been charged with or convicted of a crime. They may also be required to outline any disciplinary measures taken by former churches or denominations, as well as reveal whether any applications for ordination or credentials have been denied.