What Are the Qualities of Jesus Christ?

The nature of Christ is the subject of much debate, but in general his qualities are given as a combination of divinity and perfected humanity exemplified through charity, intercession on behalf of the souls of humanity, forsaking worldly power and rewards and an infinite capacity for forgiveness and compassion. Some sects of Christianity hold that Jesus was entirely divine while others believe in his mortality as a central facet of faith.

Jesus is often characterized within the Bible as a shepherd for the souls of human beings. It is his place to guide people to the truth contained with the laws of God and to help them to live lives in adherence with those laws. In order to facilitate this, Christ takes all the sins of humanity upon his shoulders by accepting crucifixion and going without objection or grief to meet his death so that the world could have a chance at salvation.

Christ is definitively established as a healer of afflictions and as a resurrector of the dead. He raises Lazarus from death, cures lepers by laying his hands on their diseased flesh, and generally shows no respect for society's taboos about unclean bodies and professions. Christ has undifferentiated love for all human beings, regardless of their actions and choices.