What Qualities Does a Good Sports Role Model Possess?

A good sports role model has the same positive qualities as other successful role models. Sports role models are respected not only for their athletic abilities, but also their humility, respect, passion, morality and generosity.

Humility is a quality associated with sports role models. Respected athletes maintain humility despite their successes. Sports role models show respect to teammates, coaches and officials, and never knowingly step on others to get ahead. Most professional athletes are also very passionate, which provides the ambition and drive necessary to reach goals and succeed. A good sports role model also has great work ethic and tenacity, which is reflected by how hard the athlete is willing to train in order to succeed.

Athletes who have a strong sense of integrity with strong values are great role models for children. They help children understand the importance of values and the reasons that motivate others to become advocates for social change and innovation. People admire athletes who are selfless and have a commitment to community. Most athletes are active in their communities and spend some of their free time benefiting others by serving on local boards, reaching out to those in need and participating in charities and community organizations.