What Are the Quakers Religious Beliefs?

What Are the Quakers Religious Beliefs?

Quakers are Christians who believe that everyone possesses the ability to communicate directly with Jesus without the intervention of a priest or minister. Quakers believe that, like Jesus Christ, each person possesses an inner light inherited from God.

Because Quakers believe in direct contact with God, traditional Quaker services, known as meetings, are often silent. Quakers view the silence as an opportunity to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Quakers also believe in the importance of equality and are opposed to discrimination based on race, sex or class. The belief in equality leads Quakers to eschew honors, as well as the use of titles and other sorts of distinctions. Quakers are traditionally known for their plain dress and simple way of life.

In addition, Quakers have traditionally been pacifists. This pacifism stems from the belief that there is a part of God in everyone and that to fight another person is to fight against God. Moreover, when making decisions, Quakers strive to achieve consensus, as they believe that the light of God helps illuminate the correct path for the group.

Finally, Quakers do not believe that the words of the Bible represent the final word of God. Rather, they believe that the words only gain meaning for an individual when read in conjunction with the Holy Spirit.