How Do You Put a Sliding Screen Door Back on Track?

To put a sliding screen door back on track, vacuum the tracks that the screen door rolls on, and insert the top of the door into the frame. Walk the bottom of the door closer to the tracks, and lift it over the tracks using a flat-edged screwdriver for leverage as needed.

  1. Clean the door tracks

    Remove any visible obstacles from the door tracks. Vacuum the tracks to ensure smooth operation.

  2. Prepare the door and frame

    Some sliding screen doors have adjustment screws below the rollers at the top of the door. These screws should be loosened slightly to allow the springs in the door frame to flex. Hold the door so that the locking mechanism faces the inside of the house.

  3. Insert the door into the frame

    Insert the top of the screen door into the frame. The bottom of the door should be several inches away from the bottom tracks. Carefully walk the bottom of the door closer to the tracks, pushing the door gently up into the frame. The springs in the door frame allow slight up and down movement.

  4. Finish the installation

    Lift the bottom of the door up into the tracks, use a flat-edged screwdriver for leverage, and tighten any adjustment screws as needed.