How Do You Put Garland on a Christmas Tree?

Decorate a tree with garland by choosing the length based on the tree size, deciding between a swagged or straight garland look, starting at the top of the tree, looping it over and under the branches, and tying it in place. You need booth garland and floral wire.

  1. Choose the appropriate length of garland

    Determine the amount of garland you need by the size of your tree. You need to purchase 9 feet of garland for every 1 vertical foot of tree. For instance, a 7-foot tree requires 63 feet of garland. To be safe, buy an extra foot or two of garland, and use any leftover to decorate mantles and railings.

  2. Decide on a look

    Decide between loose, swagged layers of garland or tighter and straighter lines. The swagged look is appropriate for trees with a lot of empty space between the branches that needs to be filled. You can also twine several different types of garland together for a fuller look.

  3. Put on the garland

    Starting at the top of the tree, put on the garland in a spiral pattern, making sure to tuck it between, over and under the branches. You must do this after the lights are installed and before the ornaments are hung.

  4. Attach the garland

    Occasionally, tie floral wire or ribbon around the garland and tree branch to keep it in place.