What Is the Purpose of Using Non-Detergent Oil?

Vehicle and equipment owners use non-detergent motor oil for the purpose of preventing overheating and to maintain the proper functioning of engines. Non-detergent oil works by lubricating an engine and cooling the internal components. When a car maintains a favorable temperature, it continues to run efficiently for longer periods.

Non-detergent oil focuses on reducing the temperature of an engine, but it does not combat sludge. It works well when used in appliances that run gasoline, including tractors and lawnmowers. Watercraft and motorcycle owners commonly use the two-stroke non-detergent oil. Non-detergent oil remains thick even at high temperatures, thus protecting engines from heat-related malfunctioning.

In comparison, detergent oil contains chemicals that remove sludge and particles by keeping them trapped. It helps prevent dirt accumulation in an engine’s internal components. Detergent oil is also capable of preventing rust build-up due to its oxidation. Detergent oil shows a darker color because of the suspended dirt in it, while non-detergent oil shows a light, clear color due to its lack of cleaning ability.

Because non-detergent oil does not clean engines, vehicle and equipment owners should change oils regularly, regardless of the type of oil they use. Changing oils periodically helps extend the lifespan of engines by keeping them clean and cool. When using non-detergent oil, owners should perform an oil analysis once in awhile to detect oil contamination.