How Do You Do the Pumpkin Prayer Activity?


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To do the Pumpkin Prayer activity, you carve a pumpkin into a jack o'lantern while reciting lines from a poem called the Pumpkin Prayer that correspond to each part you're carving. This Christian practice helps children to learn about God's love while celebrating Halloween.

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Although there are differing versions of the Pumpkin Prayer itself, the basic premise of the activity remains the same. As parents carve a pumpkin for Halloween with their children, they recite the Pumpkin Prayer, correlating the act of carving the jack o'lantern with the opening of a human being to receive God's love.

To do a basic version of the Pumpkin Prayer activity, first cut the top off a pumpkin while reciting "Lord, open my mind so I can learn about you." While scooping out the innards, recite a corresponding line about how God removes sin and forgives wrongs. When carving the eyes, say, "Open my eyes to your love," and when carving the nose, say, "I'm sorry for the times I turned up my nose at all you've given me." Carve the mouth while saying, "Open my mouth to tell others you're near." Finally, when illuminating the jack o'lantern from within, recite a line about letting God's light shine though in everything you do.

Ears are optional, but the line for carving those would be "Open my ears so your word I will hear." Other variations include carving the nose into a cross, the ears into Bibles and the mouth into a fish.

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