How Do You Get a Free Psychic Reading?


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Free psychic readings in the form of tarot readings are available at Trusted Tarot's website. They can be obtained by clicking the Free Tarot Reading button. These readings are detailed and collected from the detailed artwork of hand-drawn cards based on an original tarot deck. The program is not entirely computer-generated; each day, the owner shuffles the cards and loads them into the website in the precise order in which they fall.

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How Do You Get a Free Psychic Reading?
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Because the cards are only shuffled once a day, users should wait 24 hours before attempting another tarot reading. Those looking to personalize their reading by shuffling their own cards can try the services at Free Tarot's website.

Tarot cards come in decks of 78 cards and were first intended exclusively for card games, but mystics used them for divination purposes. Each deck contains two parts, the Major Arcana, or greater secrets, and the Minor Arcana, or lesser secrets. The Minor Arcana, which includes 56 cards, is divided into the suits of swords, wands, coins and cups. Each suit also contains a king, queen, knight and page.

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards that are not in suits. Each card represents an individual character, like the Fool, the World, Judgment, the Sun and the Moon. The Magician, the Empress, the High Priestess, the Hierophant and the Emperor are also included. Death, The Hanged Man, the Wheel of Fortune, the Lovers and Strength are part of the Major Arcana, as are the Devil and Justice. The Major Arcana is rounded out by the Moon, the Star, the Sun, the Chariot and the Tower.

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