What Are Some Facts About Psychic Abilities?


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Some facts about psychic abilities include the common occurrence of premonitions, the existence of psychic empaths, and that tests exist to determine the extent of a person's abilities. Almost any person can develop his latent psychic abilities.

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What Are Some Facts About Psychic Abilities?
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Premonitions are either symbolic and occur in the dream-state, or realistic and occur during complete wakefulness. Most often, premonitions warn a person of an upcoming crisis or tragedy, but also occasionally foretell happy events. Precognition is subtly different; it is the ability to know the future, whether in the form of a definite message or vague feeling. Sometimes, astute observation and mental clarity is so developed that it aids any psychic abilities a person has. Meditation is a recognized way for someone to develop his intuition.

Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings and thoughts of another, and most people feel empathy for another at some point. Empaths, however, are able to feel the emotions of another, or read another's aura. They feel deeply and have a strong sense of knowing.

One test available to nurture a person's abilities is the Carl Zener psychic ability test, which involves cards with geometric designs or shapes. Of the five different possible shapes, the person must ascertain which shape is on the card. The test is designed such that there is no logical reasoning to the answers.

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