What Is Psalm 23 KJV?

Psalm 23 KJV refers to the King James Version of the most familiar of all the psalms. This particular psalm begins with the phrase, "The Lord is my Shepherd," and many individuals have used it for comfort and strength. The Bible attributes this psalm to David, whom the Hebrew Scriptures record as having served as a field shepherd.

As of 2014, Psalm 23 is popular for Christian funerals and sermons. In the Christian tradition, the psalm points to Jesus as the shepherd; however, it is not listed in the funeral litanies from the Church of England's "Book of Common Prayer" and only entered the Episcopal version in the United States beginning in 1928. In the Orthodox tradition, worshipers recite the psalm as a part of preparing to receive the Eucharist. While the Jews do not use the King James Version, they recite Psalm 23 as a part of the third sabot meal.

In 1526, translators completed the first English translation of the Bible, the Tyndale version. In 1604, King James I authorized a second English translation. The translators did not complete the work until 1611, 85 years after the Tyndale version. This English translation endured as the primary English translation for protestants for over 400 years, until newer versions became popular.