How Do You Prune an Euonymus Shrub?

To prune a euonymus shrub, take a pair of pruning shears and trim away dead limbs, suckers, competing branches and the ends of branches. Avoid pruning evergreen euonymus shrubs in August, September and October to increase flower production for the next season, or deciduous shrubs between April and October because they will not yet be dormant.

To prune a euonymus shrub, use the following steps.

  1. Prune in the right season
  2. Prune shrubs in the off-season when the plants are dormant or not growing. The best time to prune is usually in late winter or early spring.

  3. Cut off the ends of the main branches
  4. To jumpstart the pruning process, cut off the ends of the branches. Choose from two kinds of cuts: heading cuts and thinning cuts. Heading cuts leave more of the original branches intact, whereas thinning cuts trim the branches closer to the attachment point at the trunk. It is usually best to make more heading cuts and fewer thinning cuts. Always cut branches at a slight angle.

  5. Remove excess branches
  6. While pruning, remove any competing branches, dead branches or sucker branches growing too close to the ground.