Are There Any Proven Mind Control Techniques?


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Accepted mind control techniques include influencing how people think through coercion, education, propaganda, indoctrination and advertising. Other proposed mind control techniques, such as telepathy, have little or no proven basis in fact.

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The removal of certain parts of the brain, or the suppression of the firing of neurons through drugs, results in changes in behavior that could be interpreted as a mind control technique.

Hypnosis, while generally accepted to increase an individual's susceptibility to suggestion, has not been proven to allow mind control such as frequently shown during magic acts or in films.

Proven techniques that allow a reasonable amount of mind control, such as indoctrination, education in isolation, typically take long periods of time to influence how individuals think and do not exercise direct control over an individual's thoughts. The suggestive power of these and other techniques can be increased through the use of certain medications or drugs.

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