Why Do Protestants Hate Catholics?

Protestants and Catholics have historically been known to have opposing views on Christianity and the role of the church, causing an ideological split between the two denominations. Protestants split from the Roman Catholic Church beginning in the 16th century.

While the two denominations are in accord when it comes to general Christian beliefs such as the crucifixion and Jesus' resurrection, they disagree on other matters. For example, while Catholics give the Pope full authority to interpret the Bible, Protestants are known to give this right to the individual. Catholics preach that the bread and wine served at the end of mass known as communion becomes the actual body and blood of Jesus, whereas for Protestants, it is merely a symbol of Christ.

The five Solas, (a word that means alone in Latin), penned during the Protestant movement are used as a way to distinguish Catholic teachings from those of the Protestants. The Catholic church advocates for a balance between the teachings of the Bible and the traditions of the church, whereas Protestants derive their teachings solely from the Bible. Also, while Catholics derive forgiveness from the church and from God, Protestants believe salvation comes from the grace of God alone.