What Are the Pros and Cons of Human Communication?

The pros of human communication are that there are many ways to convey ideas, create understandings, tell stories and preserve histories to the benefit of society. The cons of human communication are that communication can be used to deceive and to hurt and some modes of communication unfortunately create more distance between people.

Because humans can use spoken, written, and many forms of non-verbal communication, they possess more ways of communicating knowledge, ideas, feelings and stories to others than the other species on the planet. This means that there is a lot more variation in how communication is expressed and understood, and that there are many more opportunities to make communication positive or negative.

Unlike animals, human communication has allowed for the preservation for a rich history and growing technology. The abilities to share experiences and observations and to discuss the best next steps have been essential in the building of society. And now, with the prominence of the internet and social media, it is possible to communicate ideas that can reach around the world in seconds.

However, according to The Next Great Generation, technology-based communication can inadvertently reduce the intimacy and understanding that it is supposed to create. The quick, limited, and sometimes public nature of many electronic communications can make it difficult to decipher intention and make even sincere comments seem deceitful. Also, with so many ways to arrange words, human beings can lie much more than any other species.