What Are the Pros and Cons of Bullfighting?

Bullfighting has long been a source of controversy, with its proponents claiming it is an art form and an integral part of Spanish culture, while those opposed to it claim it is cruel to the bulls and amounts to torture. Many people opposed to bullfighting claim that it is not a fair fight, as there is very little chance the bullfighter would be injured before the bull.

There are also many who argue that bullfighting is basically entertainment that fulfills the crowd’s desire to see blood and violence and also that it may lead to a more violent, barbaric society. Despite the arguments about it not being a fair fight, there are also many opponents to the sport that claim it is too dangerous to humans to justify its existence, citing past examples of bullfighters who have been gored or killed by the bulls they were fighting. However, only 10 bullfighters have been killed worldwide since 1964, explains SharkOnline.org.

Most of the pro-bullfighting arguments are based around the idea of it as an important part of Spanish culture, and Spain has even applied to UNESCO to get World Heritage Status for the sport. These same people also argue that the sport is economically important for Spain, and that it’s a huge tourist draw. However, there are those on the other side that say it no longer draws many tourists and requires large government subsidies in order to operate.