Who Are Some of the Prophets in the Bible?

Some of the major prophets in the Bible include Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel and Elijah. Jesus and John the Baptist were also considered prophets, though Jesus was primarily known as the Son of God. According to Roman Catholic tradition, major prophets are those who had public or private revelations. Minor or secondary prophets are those who had visions but never had a consistent prophetic history.

Isaiah spoke his prophecies to the Jews in Judea concerning Jerusalem and Judah. He spoke during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, who were kings of Judah. The time period was between 740 and 680 B.C., and the historical setting in terms of Biblical books was during 2 Kings 15 to 21 and 2 Chronicles 26 to 30. The Biblical book Isaiah contains much of his prophecies.

Daniel also has his own book in the Bible, and he spoke his prophecies to the captive Jews in Babylon, as well as to Gentile kings. His prophecies concerned Israel and the Gentile nations, and they were spoken most famously during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, but also during the reigns of the Judean kings Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin and Zedekiah. Daniel's prophecies took place between 605 and 536 B.C., beginning nearly a century after Isaiah's.