Who Are Some Prophetesses in the Bible?

Who Are Some Prophetesses in the Bible?

Some prophetesses in the Bible are Miriam, Deborah and Noadiah. Huldah is another Bible prophetess who is known for consulting with Josiah to bring positive religious reform to Judah.

Miriam's brother is Aaron. In the Bible, Miriam sings praises to God for his triumphs and protection. Miriam uses a tambourine to create music. The book of Micah references Miriam as a prophetess along with the prophets Moses and Aaron. The Bible credits Miriam with arranging for Moses' mother to serve as Moses' nurse while Moses spends his early years with Pharaoh's daughter.

Deborah's prophecy comes in the form of judging, and the Israeli people seek out Debroah to decide controversies. Deborah's leadership also extends to the military and she organizes Israeli forces to fight against military threats. The Bible lists her as the wife of Lappidoth.

The Bible calls Noadiah a prophet but the Bible says she is a false prophet. The Bible criticizes Noadiah for her opposition of Nehemiah and her interference with God's plan for Israel in the post-exile age. In the book of Nehemiah, Nehemiah writes that Noadiah wanted to make Nehemiah afraid.

Huldah completes her ministry at the same time as the prophet Jeremiah. Huldah marries Shallum. Her ministry work includes warning Josiah about God's upcoming judgment. Huldah tells Josiah that although God chooses to judge the people of Israel, because Josiah serves God honorably, God chooses to spare his judgment until after Josiah's life. However, because Josiah does not die a peaceful death, some question the inspiration of Huldah's prophecy. Others say Josiah's violent death does not call into question Huldah's prophecy because Josiah ignores God's specific orders no to go into battle.