What Are Some Prophecies of Dutch Sheets Ministries?


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Dutch Sheets Ministries has prophesized natural disasters, economic collapse and a changing American government. Many of the prophesies refer to punishments from God to discipline Americans for disobeying his commandments, though others are more positive. Dutch Sheets is a pastor, author and speaker who founded Dutch Sheets Ministries and travels the world to encourage others to join his ministry. Dutch Sheets himself speaks of hearing these prophesies, as do others within the ministry.

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One of Dutch Sheets Ministries' prophesies predicts that the American government's judicial system will bring its decisions in line with the teachings of the church when followers begin to command prayers rather than requesting them. Instead of praying for world peace, for example, the prophecy instructs believers to declare it as a king would.

Dutch Sheets Ministries has prophesized that Puerto Rico will be hit by a meteor and that Florida will be left underwater by a massive tsunami. The ministry has also prophesized that a massive earthquake will create a fissure that divides the nation in half and that economic collapse will lead to a national famine.

Not all of Dutch Sheets' prophesies are negative. In 2005, he prophesized that as God's physical presence comes closer to earth, among other signs, followers' prayers will be answered more quickly.

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