What Is the Proper Format for a Proof of Residency Form?

A proof of residency form, or affidavit of residency, always contains the person’s name, address and length of residency at that address. Depending on the requirements, the affidavit of residency may require supporting documentation, a landlord’s signature or notarization, according to wikiHow.

Prepare the affidavit of residency in a formal letter format. Begin with a heading like “Proof of Residence.” Center the heading at the top of the document, and use font or bolding to make it stand out from the document body. Also include the date of the letter at the top of the document. In the top left portion of the document, list contact information, including name, address, phone number and email address, explains wikiHow.

Begin the body of the letter by addressing the recipient using a phrase like “To whom it may concern.” State your full legal name in a statement that specifies your address and the amount of time that you have lived at that address. List any other people who live with you, and specify the length of time that they have resided at the address. Close the body of the letter by stating your full legal name in an oath swearing that the information included in the letter is accurate and that you are liable to perjury charges if you are lying. Close the letter with a phrase like “regards” or “sincerely.” End with your signature and the date, according to wikiHow.