What Is the Proper Etiquette When Addressing an Envelope?

The proper way to address an envelope is by writing the name and address of the person you intend to send the letter to in the center of the envelope. Your return address should appear on the top left corner of the envelope.

To address an envelope, neatly write the recipient’s full name and title in the center of the envelope. Just below that, write the recipient’s street address. Include the city, state and ZIP code below the street address. Use postal abbreviations (such as NY for New York and CT for Connecticut) instead of writing out the state’s whole name.

In some cases, you may need to send a letter to a company rather than a person. In this situation, write the company’s name on the first line. On the next line, write “Attn: (Name of recipient)”. Then, write the company’s street address with the city, state and ZIP code below it.

On the top left corner of the envelope, you should include the return address. On separate lines, write out your full name, street address, and city, state and ZIP code. This ensures the postal service can return your letter if it does not or cannot make it to the recipient’s address.

Finally, place a stamp on the top right hand corner of envelope. You are now ready to send your letter.