Is There Proof There Really Is a Bigfoot?


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As of 2015, mainstream science does not accept any existing evidence as proof of the existence of the legendary creature Bigfoot. Alleged eyewitness testimony is not reproducible or falsifiable and so does not qualify as scientific evidence.

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Scientists and skeptics have identified problems with the major claims for evidence of the creature. A 1967 film that allegedly showed Bigfoot in California gained much publicity. However, multiple anthropologists and anatomists disputed claims that the creature could not be human. A 2014 video claiming to show four of the creatures in Yellowstone National Park from a distance met with similar skepticism.

In recent years, people have presented samples of supposed bits of Bigfoot hair, blood or excrement for scientific investigation. When it was possible to use the samples for relevant testing such as DNA analysis, they turned out to belong to other identifiable animals.

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