What Are Some of the Promises God Made in the Bible?


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In the Bible, God promises to supply each person’s needs. These include shelter, clothing, food, love and finances. According to King James Bible Online, God has given humanity great promises so that through them each person may partake in the divine nature.

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In partaking in the divine nature, each person may escape corruption in the world caused by selfish and wicked desires. God has promised to forgive all sins for those people who believe in Jesus Christ and receive baptism. Those who do not receive baptism or profess Jesus Christ as their savior cannot enter Heaven, says Bible Truth.

Humanity has also received the promise of eternal life. In Christianity, eternal life is continued life after death. Paul, who was a disciple of Jesus Christ and a servant of God, wrote in the Bible that God promised eternal life. This also relates to another promise in the Bible whereby God has promised humankind victory over death.

Another biblical promise is that of everything working out together for good for those who love God. God helps the person who believes and has faith in Him to endure and overcome life’s difficulties, according to The Victorious Network. He turns around the difficulties for good and to the believer’s advantage. However, this is not possible for those who do not have faith in Him.

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