What Products Does Karr Alarm Systems Offer?

Karr Alarm Systems offers anti-theft alarms for cars that are outfitted with technological features designed to minimize theft. Karr systems incorporates older, traditional anti-theft security features, such as alarms, steering wheel locks and engine cut-off mechanisms, and it combines them with GPS tracking to allow car owners to track any cars that are stolen. This alarm is also able to detect signs of intrusion, such as lock picking.

Data provided by a Karr alarm include physical location as well as the speed at which the car is traveling. A car with this alarm installed allows car owners to remotely disable the vehicle and lock or unlock car doors. Using the built-in GPS technology, victims of car theft can also geofence their cars to determine where a stolen vehicle ends up.

The Karr alarm system can also send notifications to owners if the alarm on a car activates. Other notification options include sounding alarms when a vehicle’s ignition starts, when driving speeds are excessive or if the car battery is getting low in voltage. As of 2014, a Karr alarm is typically packaged with three years or 36,000 miles of warranty that covers both replacement parts and any labor required for repair.