What Products Does England Export?

Some of the products that England exports include cars, petroleum, chemicals, medicine, food and beverages. England imports foods, machinery, fuels and computers. Imports may be in the form of raw materials or something that is not available locally.

England is known to produce some of the best cars in the market. Some of the car brands produced in this country include Aston Martin, Bentley, Invicta, Land Rover, Jaguar, Morgan and McLaren. Some of these cars are exported to different countries, while a few serve the local market.

While England may import crude oil and other fuels, it is also known to be a major exporter of both crude and refined petroleum. Petroleum exports make up a large percentage of the total amount of revenue that England collects annually. Other major exports of England include beverages, food, medicine and machinery.

Most products exported from England end up in other European countries, though the United States is among the top trading partners of England. European countries that benefit from English exports include Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Ireland.

To help in production of commodities, England may import raw materials, including crude petroleum, machinery and computers. The country also imports products that are not produced locally.