What Are Process Recording Samples in Social Work?

In sociology, sample process recordings are examples of fieldwork summaries or journals completed by students conducting client intervention. They serve as examples of how a student should construct her own process recordings when she performs fieldwork consisting of interactions with clients.

Originally developed as tools for self-reflection for patients, process recordings are tools used for social work training that focus on the student’s ability to interact with clients and apply classroom learning to work situations. A process recording documents a student’s interaction with a client and allows the student to identify specific goals and personal thoughts, observations and questions. It also enables the student and supervising professor to reflect upon the student's actions, assess the student’s ability to integrate classroom learning with field work, and provide a degree of administrative oversight of the student’s performance. A process recording is normally a written record, but it can be recorded in audio or video format. Written records are generally a verbatim transcript or narrative, but other variations exist.