What Is the Process of Ascension?


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The process of ascension refers to changing consciousness from one perception of reality to another, according to Bibliotecapleyades.net. The website also describes planetary ascension, which is the creation of a new reality as a result of collective ascension.

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Bibliotecapleyades.net states that ascension begins when individuals are willing to open their minds, overcome their fears and become compassionate. The process begins with understanding personal fears and seeing their manifestations. By experiencing a personal fear, the individual integrates it into their consciousness. This results in the individual learning from their former fears, which may include negative feelings such as anger, resentment, or fear.

After learning the lesson, the individual feels a sense of release that results in positive, happy feelings and a new sense of compassion. The result of this process is the resolution of negative behavior patterns associated with fear. According to the website, the process of ascension can be a personal decision, but it can also start unintentionally. Signs of unintentionally starting the process are aches, pains and the manifestation of fear as lessons. The website additionally advises against using help from others to begin the process of ascension, and states that fear and pain are necessary parts of the process.

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