What Is the Procedure to Obtain an Abandoned Vehicle Title in Arizona?

To obtain a title for an abandoned vehicle in Arizona, the vehicle must have been abandoned for more than 48 hours on a roadway, parking facility or on private property according to the Arizona Professional Towing & Recovery Association Inc. The vehicle must be inspected by law enforcement officers to determine that it is not stolen.

A search will be made by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to ascertain to whom the vehicle is registered. The possessor of the vehicle must give a description, VIN numbers, identifying characteristics, a notice of intent to transfer ownership, the place and date the vehicle was discovered and the current storage location of the vehicle. Contact will be made by the DPS for the owner to claim the vehicle within 30 days. If the vehicle is unclaimed, the possessor of the vehicle may apply to the Department of Public Safety for an abandoned vehicle title and pay the fees for towing, storage and the vehicle search.