What Problems Does Scarcity Pose?


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Scarcity causes problems because people in the world place a lot of demand on a large variety of resources, but there are only finite amounts of those resources available. Scarcity is a measurement of supply that means the quantity or availability of a resource is low.

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According to Social Studies for Kids, scarcity directly affects and is directly affected by demand. When a resource is scarce, demand will rise. For example, if the market that sells strawberries suddenly experiences scarcity, the demand for strawberries will increase as they are not available, but people still want them.

By the same token, if a lot of people want strawberries, the market's duty of supplying demand could create a scarcity as the resource is used. In instances where the resource cannot be regrown or reproduced, scarcity can ultimately lead to complete consumption of that resource. Scarcity forces populations to make choices. For example, as strawberries become more scarce, the price is likely to go up in correlation with the demand. How much is one person willing to pay for a strawberry? Scarcity may force a population to choose to go without the resource in order to save money as prices are driven up, according to Social Studies for Kids.

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