What Are Some Free Printable Behavior Charts?


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Step-by-step behavior charts, hygiene behavior charts, chore charts and homework charts are some free printable behavior charts available from Free Printable Behavior Charts and Latitudes. Each of these charts has a number of options or is fillable to fit the specific needs of children and parents.

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Step-by step behavior charts provided by Free Printable Behavior Charts help children move toward a certain goal by marking off each step towards that goal. This type of chart is helpful in addressing one specific behavior that users type onto the page before printing. In order to accommodate the different interests of children, users may choose among goal themes, such as a princess to a castle, a policeman to a car, and a basketball to a hoop.

Hygiene behavior charts are geared toward one specific goal or a combination of hygienic goals. Charts that list one goal, such as combing hair, showering or brushing teeth, encourage children to mark off the accomplishment each day for multiple weeks. A chart with a combination of goals, on the other hand, typically lists multiple goals for each day, checked off over a one-week period.

The chore charts offered on Latitudes allow users to type or write in the desired chores on the left side of the sheet. Children are then able to check off finished chores each day as the week progresses. Homework charts operate in the same manner, with various subjects on the left and check boxes for a week on the right.

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