How Do You Prepare a Sermon for Sunday Church Service?


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Preparing a sermon for Sunday church is a time-sensitive and intensive activity that begins with a prayer for anointing, revelation and reading of the scriptures. One should refer to other texts for content and context. Eventually, all these should be neatly combined into sermon notes and talking points.

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Among the many activities in church on any Sunday, the most important is usually the sermon. This is the delivery of a message from God to the gathering through the preacher. A sermon is spiritual nourishment for believers. Prayer forms the core of the preparation and empowers a preacher by making him or her spiritually strong.

After prayer, reading the word of God for inspiration and revelation leads to the next step in preparing a sermon for Sunday church service. Insights from this step are clearly documented in Proverbs 18:15. While reading the word, the preacher acquires knowledge. This knowledge is crucial as it is the basis of the sermon. Revelation is how it applies to everyday lives of all that will be listening during the Sunday service.

Finally, the preacher should take notes and lay down talking points for the sermon. Leading towards Sunday, he or she should be well rested and in the best frame of mind.

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