What Are Some Predictions Made by Edgar Cayce?


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Two major Edgar Cayce prophesies that have come true include the 1929 stock market crash and World War II, according to Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment. Cayce infamously made his predictions while in a sleep-like trance.

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In addition to the onset of the Great Depression and WWII, Cayce also made predictions that have come true or partially true about the use of blood in medicine, the El Nino effect, the existence of the Essenes before archaeological evidence of the civilization was discovered, a shift in the Earth's poles, and the merging of major communication companies. In all, Cayce made more than 14,000 psychic claims and predictions about more than 10,000 different topics during his 40-year career.

Not all of his claims are about world events, however. There are also claims that he accurately identified diseases and illnesses from which some of his subjects suffered. In fact, most of his psychic readings pertained to health. He purportedly memorized a book just by sleeping on top of it.

Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment was founded by Cayce himself in 1931. It is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Virginia Beach that is dedicated to maintaining and preserving the texts of Cayce's readings.

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