What Are Some Predictions Included on Prophecy Timeline Charts?


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Some predictions included on prophecy time line charts include a future one-world government, the destruction of Mystery Babylon and the revealing of the Antichrist. The timing of various events on the prophetic timeline varies among Christians and those who study eschatology. It often depends on the placement of the Rapture.

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Most prophecy time lines have Israel becoming a state or Jerusalem being recaptured as the beginning of the end times period. Following that, various events are predicted to occur, including major earthquakes and wars. False prophets and teachings are another prediction, with no set date or time span. Diseases and famine, tsunamis and nation rising against nation are some others.

From there, descriptions differ. Some believe that the Rapture is the next major event on the prophetic time line, while others believe that the one-world government or the Antichrist marks the next major event. For those who believe in the Rapture, the Tribulation of three and a half to seven years either follows immediately, or shortly after.

The Tribulation follows the opening of the Seventh Seal, which allows the seven trumpet judgments. Among these are predicted to be plagues, water shortages, devastation of marine life, nuclear war and demonic creatures terrorizing the Earth.

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