What Are the Predictions for the Future of the United States?


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According to a document released by the National Intelligence Council, by the year 2030, the United States will undergo a shortage in food, water and energy, and the power of individuals will increase. The government will be challenged by an expanding middle class, and the global dominance of the United States will come to an end. However, by this time, humans would have learned to modify themselves with technology, marking the birth of transhumanism.

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The document predicts a future where humans will use enhancement technologies, such as implants, prosthetics and powered exoskeletons. It also foresees several breakthroughs in the field of biotechnology. Brain implants will diminish the gap between mind and machine, which will allow for advanced neural interface devices such as brain-controlled prosthetics that will match, or even surpass, organic limbs. Advanced neuropharmaceuticals will improve memory, focus and speed of thought processing, while psychostimulants will help servicemen work for longer stretches of time.

Breakthroughs in robotics and augmented reality could provide real-time feedback to an operator, using sensors that detect and provide touch, smell, as well as aural and visual feedback from the real world. However, all these modifications and enhancements will only be accessible to those who can afford them. This might create a split society comprised of enhanced and non-enhanced individuals, leading to social inequality.

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