What Predictions Did Hal Lindsey Make?


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Hal Lindsey stated that we are in an era that will lead to the end of times. He predicted that Jesus Christ will return from heaven to Earth someday and establish eternal peace, happiness, prosperity and harmony among all people.

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Hal Lindsey is the author of a best selling non-fiction book from the 1970s, "The Late Great Planet Earth." The book links current events of its time such as the Cold War, nuclear wars and the restoration of Israel to biblical passages. The book states that the Bible contains prophecies that foretell of certain events that will occur in the world prior to Christ's return, and that as these occur, they serve as signs and reminders that the world is in the era that the Bible calls the end of times or last days.

Lindsey uses the dispensationalist interpretation of the implications of Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah as the basis of his teachings. He interprets the New Testament and especially the book of Revelation to mean future events rather than events that have already happened. He teaches that the Biblical prophetic event that officially began the end of times was the gathering of Jewish people to their ancient homeland to form an independent nation. Lindsey states that the establishment of the State of Israel in May of 1948 fulfilled this prophecy.

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