What Precious Stones Are Mentioned in the Bible?

What Precious Stones Are Mentioned in the Bible?

Precious stones mentioned in the Bible include jasper, onyx, chalcedony, sardius, or carnelian and ruby. Other stones mentioned are coral, diamond, sapphire, pearl and topaz.

Jasper is mentioned several times in the Bible, in the books of Exodus, Job, Ezekiel and Revelation. In Revelation Chapter 21 Verse 11 the stone is described as most precious.

Onyx is found in Genesis, Exodus, Job and Ezekiel. It is one of the earliest precious stones mentioned and shows up in Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 12. It is mentioned as part of the jewels that make up a good land, along with gold and bdellium.

The one mention of chalcedony is in Revelation, Chapter 21 Verse 19. It is mentioned as one of the precious stones that make up the foundations of a city wall. The others are jasper, sapphire and emerald. Sardius is mentioned in the very next verse as being another stone that makes up the foundations of the city wall, along with sardonyx.

Ruby is found in Exodus, Proverbs, Job and Ezekiel. Proverbs Chapter 8 Verse 11 says that wisdom is better than rubies. In Exodus Chapter 28 Verse 17, it is one of the jewels that are set into the breastplate of the priestly robes. In the Bible, it is called a carbuncle.