What Are Some Prayers for Someone Who Is Having Surgery?


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One prayer from Inspitational-Prayers.com is for the person going into surgery soon, and the patient asks God to strengthen their body and prepare it for the upcoming surgery. They also pray that the doctors be prepared and refreshed, and that their decisions be correct and accurate. The upcoming patient asks for provision and protection during recovery. Another prayer is for a friend to have a successful operation, found at PrayerScapes.com.

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A prayer for a friend or relative about to have surgery asks for God to watch over the operation and protect the patient and intervene on their behalf. The prayer asks God to strengthen and prepare the patient's body for surgery and fill their heart with peace, and for the outcome to be the very best.

The prayer for a friend to have a successful operation, from Prayerscapes.com, begins with a verse of praise to God. It talks of the encouragement "Do not worry about tomorrow," and "your grace is sufficient for us." The prayer asks for peace for the loved one and asks God to be present during the surgery. It concludes by asking God to hold the friend in His loving arms and to protect them from all harm.

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